ICCHP 2014

14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

July 09-11, 2014; Pre-Conference July 07-08, 2014

Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis; 2, Rue de la Liberté, 93200 Saint-Denis; France

Young Researchers Consortium

Young Researchers Consortium Agenda (draft)            

Room :  HT177F
Chair : Deborah Fels, Ryerson University, Canada


Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Activity Lead/participants
morning    Register: Monday morning in good time to arrive at the Consortium at 14.00  
1400 - 1430 Welcome    Deb Fels/
Klaus Miesenberger
1430 - 1530

Student presentations and discussions (early researchers) (30 min each):
Vasile Topac
Michael Pouris

Deb Fels
1530 - 1600 Break  
1600 - 1730

Student presentations and discussions (early researchers) (30 min each):
Bruno Mascret
Arwa Al-Rubaian
Reinhard Koutny

Dominique Archambault
1730 - 1815 Seminar from expert – Topic : Stats R Us Presenter: Deb Fels
1900 Dinner with group  


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time Activity Lead/participants
900 - 1020

Student presentations and discussions (early researchers) (30 min each)
Moyen Mustaquim
Elena Ballersteros

Martin Morandell
1020 - 1050 Break  
1050 - 1240

Student presentations and discussions (40 min each)
David Thaller
Marco Carnesecchi
Susan Ferreira

Makoto Kobayashi
1240 - 1340 Lunch  
1340 - 1540

Student presentations and discussions (40 min each)
David Füreder
Peter Heumader
Wolfgang Spreicer

1540 - 1610 Break More overleaf
1610 - 1700 Small groups discussion on student issues and  reports back to whole group  
1700 - 1745 Seminar from expert – Topic : The Future is Unknown Harry Murphy, CSUN, USA
1745 - 1830 Finish  -  Round-up discussion, final points Deb Fels
1830 - ICCHP Welcome Cocktail  


About the ICCHP 2012 Young Researchers Consortium

We have divided our group into two main categories: those in the early stages of their research and those who are in more advanced stages. The early researchers will have 10 minutes to present with 20 minutes for discussion. Those in more advanced stages of their research will have 20 minutes to present and 20 minutes for discussion. 
We would like to ask each participant, at the end of their presentation and as the last slide, to describe one or two issues or problems which are causing concern with their research at the moment. Issues or problems can be anything from administrative issues such as figuring out your research timeline to personal/social issues preventing you from moving forward in your research. Detailed or specific technical issues should probably be avoided as we will be less able to formulate any solutions within the short time allocated to discussion. Our plan is to use these issues as starting points for small group discussions involving all the participants and Consortium Chairs. We anticipate there will be quite a bit of overlap with these issues - many problems you face are common ones! We hope that having the input of the whole group will be helpful for you in finding ways to address your particular issues.
If you have any questions about the Consortium please feel free to email Deborah Fels.

ICCHP is a series of biannual scientific conferences in the field of ICT/AT for people with disabilities run in co-operation with the Johannes Kepler University, Linz and the Austrian Computer Society

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