ICCHP 2014

14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

July 09-11, 2014; Pre-Conference July 07-08, 2014

Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis; 2, Rue de la Liberté, 93200 Saint-Denis; France


Please note: The final order of presentations in thematic sessions might change. We expect authors/presenters to be available at least for the whole duration of their thematic session.
Also note that thematic sessions may last for more than one time slot!
Details can be found on the Session Overview page.


Track I Track II Track III Track IV

Track I

Session D: 8:30 - 10:30

STS: Designing Haptic Interaction for a Collaborative World (Chair: Gerhard Weber, Technische Universität Dresden)

Audio-haptic Browser for a Geographical Information System - Zeng, Limin

Improving Screen Magnification Using the HyperBraille Multiview Windowing Technique - Taras, Christiane

Improving the Accessibility of ASCII Graphics for the Blind Students - Producing My Own Graphics - - Mueller, Karin

Analysis of Awareness while Touching the Tactile Figures using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy - Shiose, Takayuki

Development of a Musical Score System using Body-Braille - Ohtsuka, Satoshi

Development of Directly Manipulable Tactile Graphic System with Audio Support Function - Shimada, Shigenobu

Session E: 13:30 - 15:30

[CONTINUED] STS: Designing Haptic Interaction for a Collaborative World

A Graphical Tactile Screen-Explorer - Spindler, Martin

Reading Braille on a Planar Tactile Display - Prescher

Enhancing Single Stroke Gesture Classifiers for Multitouch - Schmidt, Michael

User Interface Filter for Two-Dimensional Haptic Interaction - Jurgensen, Helmut

AutOMathic Blocks: Supporting Learning Games for Young Blind Students - Karshmer, Arthur (Cancelled!)

Session F: 16:00 - 18:00

STS: Three-dimensional Tactile Models for Blind People and Recognition of 3D Objects by Touch (Chair: Yoshinori Teshima, AIST - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

Models of mathematical curved surface for tactile teaching materials - Teshima, Yoshinori

Enlarged skeleton models of plankton for tactile teaching materials - Teshima, Yoshinori

Reproduction of tactile painting for visual impairments utilized three-dimensional modeling system and the effect of difference in the painting size on tactile perception - Oouchi, Susumu

Tactile Map Automated Creation System to enhance the mobility of blind persons---its design concept and evaluation by experiment - Minatani, Kazunori

Development of Tactile Graphics Production Software for Three-Dimensional Projections - Fujiyoshi, Akio

Comprehending and Making Drawings of 3D Objects by Visually Impaired People: Research on Drawings of Geometric Shapes by Various Methods of Projection - Kaneko, Takeshi

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Track II

Session D: 8:30 - 10:30

Blind and Visually Handicapped People: Rehabilitation and Social Skills (Chair: Giuseppe Nicotra, Università degli Studi di Milano - Biblioteca di Informatica, I; to be confirmed)

SAP High Contast Black Theme - Köble, Josef

A Basic Inspection of Wall-Climbing Support System for the Visually Challenged - Kobayashi, Makoto

Assistive Technologies as Effective Mediators in Interpersonal Social Interactions for Persons with Visual Disability - Krishna, Sreekar

Clothes Matching for Blind and Color Blind People - Tian, YingLi

Eye Tracking for Low Vision Aids - Toward Guiding of Gaze - MIYAKAWA, Masahiro

Makeup Support System for Visually Impaired Persons: Overview of System Functions - Hanafusa, Akihiko

Session E: 13:30 - 15:30

STS: Access to Mathematics (Chair: Dominique Archambault, UPMC, FR)

Innovative methods for accessing to Mathematics by visually impaired users - nicotra, Giuseppe

MathML to ASCII-Braille and hierarchical tree converter - FAJARDO-FLORES, SILVIA

Non-sequential mathematical notations in the LAMBDA system - Nicotra, Giuseppe

On Necessity of a New Method to Read Out Math Contents Properly in DAISY - Yamaguchi, Katsuhito

Spoken Mathematics using Prosody, Earcons and Spearcons - Bates, Enda

(cancelled!)Tactile Graphic Tool for Portable Digital Pad - Thamburaj, Robinson

Session F: 16:00 - 18:00

STS: How to Improve Text Input for Motor Impaired Users? (Chairs: Raynal Mathieu, Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse, F; Martin Benoit, LITA, Université Paul Verlaine – Metz, F)

An Ambiguous Keyboard based on  - Miró Borrás, Julio

An Integrated Text Entry System Design for Severe physical Disabilities - Lin, Yun-Lung

Augmented and Alternative Communication  System Based on Dasher Application and an Accelerometer - Gomez, Isabel

Evaluation of Spreadkey system with motor disabled users - Merlin, Bruno

Evaluation of WordTree system with motor disabled users - Mathieu, Raynal

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Track III

Session D: 8:30 - 10:30

STS: Smart and Assistive Environments (Chairs: Wolfgang Zagler, Vienna University of Technology, A; Gerhard Nussbaum, KI-I, A)

Audio Classification Techniques In Home Environments For Elderly/Dependant People - Lozano, Héctor

Autonomamente: Using Goal Attainment Scales to Evaluate the Impact of a Multimodal Domotic System to Support Autonomous Life of People with Cognitive Impairment - Barbieri, Thimoty

Challenges for Norwegian PC-Users with Parkinson's Disease - A Survey - Nes Begnum, Miriam Eileen

Development of Universal Communication Aid for Emergency using Motion Pictogram - Nakazono, Kaoru

Friendly Human-Machine Interaction in an Adapted Robotized Kitchen - Aranda, Joan

Usability and usefulness of localization and tracking technology used in dementia care - Dale, Oystein

Session E: 13:30 - 15:30

[CONTINUED] STS: Smart and Assistive Environments

Workshop series "Ambient Assisted Living" - Morandell, Martin

PMD: Designing a Portable Medicine Dispenser for Persons Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease - Al Mahmud, Abdullah

STS: Accessible Tourism (Chairs: Franz Pühretmair, KI-I, AT; Kerstin Matausch, University of Linz, AT)

Planning of Inclusive and Accessible Events - Matausch, Kerstin

User Feed-Back in the Development of an Information System for Public Transport - Wallbruch, Rainer

User-specific web-based route planning - Pressl, Bettina

Accessible Tourism in India - Babu, Sutheeshna

Session F: 16:00 - 18:00

STS: "Weak and Silent Speech": Tools to Support People with Speech Impairment (Chair: Tanja Schultz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, D; Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Adding Voice to Whisper Using a Simple Heuristic Algorithm Inferred From Empirical Observation  - Heimgärtner, Rüdiger

CanSpeak: A Customizable Speech Interface for People with Dysarthric Speech - Hamidi, Foad

Recognizing Silent and Weak Speech based on Electromyography - Schultz, Tanja

Training of Speechreading with a  Dialog-based Talking Head - Bothe, Hans-Heinrich

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Track IV

Session D: 8:30 - 10:30

STS: Easy - to - Web (Chairs: Cordula Edler, D; Birgit Peböck, KI-I, A; Markus Erle, Wertewerk, D)

Adaptive Reading: A Design of Reading Browser with Dynamic Alternative Text Multimedia Dictionaries for the Text Reading Difficulty Readers - Chu, Chi Nung

Easy-to-web search for people with learning disabilities as part of an integrated conception of cognitive web accessibility - Erle, Markus

EasyWeb - A Study How People with Specific Learning Difficulties Can Be Supported on Using the Internet - Matausch, Kerstin

In-Folio: An Open Source Portfolio for students with learning disabilities - Ball, Simon

Supporting the web experience of young people with learning disabilities - Weber, Harald

The need for Easy-to-Read information on web sites - Bohman, Ulla

Session E: 13:30 - 15:30

STS: eGovernment Accessibility (Chairs: Roland Traunmüller, Universität Linz, A; Maria Wimmer, Universität Koblenz, D; Jochen Scholl, University of Washington, USA)

Improving the Accessibility of Fabasoft Folio by Means of WAI-ARIA - Steiner, Daniela

Accessibility of eGovernment web sites: Towards a collaborative retrofitting approach - Nietzio, Annika

Requirements of the Vision Impairments for E-Government Services in Taiwan from Accessibility to Efficiency - Chu, Chi Nung

Towards an accessible CMS backend - Analysis and Conceptualization - Nedbal, Dietmar

STS: Usable Web Accessibility: Evaluation (Chairs: Shawn Lawton Henry, W3C, USA; Shadi Abou-Zahra, W3C, A)

Analysis and Evaluation Of The accessibility to Visual Information in Web Pages - ybouissa, Youssef

Analyzing Effects of Web Accessibility - a Framework to determine Changes in website traffic and success - Hartjes, Rudolf

Session F: 16:00 - 18:00

[CONTINUED] STS: Usable Web Accessibility: Evaluation

Assessing WCAG 2.0 conformance in practice - Boulay, Denis

Automatic Checking of Alternative Texts on Web Pages. - Olsen, Morten Goodwin

Evaluating Conformance to WCAG 2.0: Open Challenges - Fuertes, Jose L.

Is the Accessibility Audit dead? - O Connor, Joshue

OASES: Online Accessibility Self Evaluation Service - a web-based tool for education institutions to self-assess the accessibility of their practice - Ball, Simon

User testing of Google reader and RIA complexity - a warning - O Connor, Joshue

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