ICCHP 2014

14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

July 09-11, 2014; Pre-Conference July 07-08, 2014

Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis; 2, Rue de la Liberté, 93200 Saint-Denis; France


Please note: The final order of presentations in thematic sessions might change. We expect authors/presenters to be available at least for the whole duration of their thematic session.
Also note that thematic sessions may last for more than one time slot!
Details can be found on the Session Overview page.

Track I Track II Track III Track IV

Track I

Time Slot A: 11:00 - 13:00

STS: Access to Mathematics and Science (Chair: Arthur I. Karshmer, US)

Access to Mathematics and Science - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Karshmer, A.

Multimedia Math Browser for Daisy Books[Short Paper]Brzoza, P.

Writing mathematics by speech: A case study for visually impaired[Short Paper]Brigatti, V.

Universal authoring system for Braille materials by collaboration of UMCL and Infty[Full Paper]Kanahori, T.

Assessing the Mathematics Related Communication Requirements of the Blind in Education and Career[Short Paper]Stanley, P.

New Features in Math Accessibility with Infty Software[Full Paper]Yamaguchi, K.

Making Arithmetic Accessible[Full Paper]Gardner, J.

Time Slot B: 14:00 - 16:00

[CONTINUED] STS: Access to Mathematics and Science

Learning Math for Visually Impaired Users[Full Paper]Tedesco, R.

Manipulatives in the History of Teaching: Fast Forward to AutOMathic Blocks for the Blind[Short Paper]Karshmer, A.

Braille-embedded tactile graphics editor with Infty system[Full Paper]Kanahori, T.

CANCELLED: Access to mathematics in web resources, for people with a visual impairment: Considerations and developments in an open and distance learning context[Full Paper]Cooper, M.

Multimodal exploration and manipulation of graph structures[Short Paper]Bernareggi, C.

The Development of a Universal Design Tactile Graphics Production System BPLOT2[Full Paper]Fujiyoshi, M.

Time Slot C: 16:30 - 18:30

[CONTINUED] STS: Access to Mathematics and Science

Transnational Support to Visually Impaired in Scientific University Courses[Full Paper]Bernareggi, C.

Chemical Workbench for Blind People - Accessing the Structure of Chemical Formula[Full Paper]Federsel, S.

E-Learning for Secondary School Teachers: Inclusive Science and Math Instruction for Students with Disabilities[Full Paper]Todd, R.

Track II

Time Slot A: 11:00 - 13:00

STS: Smart Environments (Chairs: Gerhard Nussbaum, AT; Wolfgang Zagler, AT)

Smart Enviroments - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Nussbaum, G.

All the way to living independently: Reflections on a design case[Full Paper]den Brok, P.

A Living Lab for Ambient Assisted Living in the Municipality of Schwechat[Full Paper]Panek, P.

ENABLE - A view on user's needs[Full Paper]Parker, S.

CANCELLED: EasyControl - Universal control system[Full Paper]Fejtová, M.

Eye, Me and the Environment[Short Paper]Mollenbach, E.

Development of a low cost base station for multimodal home monitoring[Full Paper]Wolf, K.-H.

Time Slot B: 14:00 - 16:00

[CONTINUED] STS: Smart Environments

Distributed Accelerometers as a Main Component in Detecting Activities of Daily Living[Full Paper]Diermaier, J.

A Smart Indoor Navigation Solution based on Building Information Model and Google Android[Full Paper]Shayeganfar, F.

Developing a Sub Room Level Indoor Location System for Wide Scale Deployment in Assisted Living Systems[Full Paper]Bauer, G.

RESCHEDULED: Utilizing QR Code and Mobile Phones for Blinds and Visually Impaired People[Full Paper]Al-Khalifa, H.

Exploiting RFIDs and Tilt-based Interaction for Mobile Museum Guides Accessible to Vision-impaired Users[Full Paper]Ghiani, G.

Time Slot C: 16:30 - 18:30

STS: ACP - Accessible Content Processing (Chairs: David Crombie, NL; Neil McKenzie, NL; Jan Engelen, BE)

Accessible Content Processing - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Crombie, D.

Automated Drug Information System for Aged and Visually Impaired Persons[Short Paper]Nemeth, G.

A Semi-Automatic Support to Adapt E-Documents in an Accessible and Usable Format for Vision Impaired Users[Full Paper]Contini, E.

Accessibility for blind users: An innovative framework.[Full Paper]Rubegni, E.

User Testing: How to involve users in technical Web Development cycles as a natural evolution in the creation of inclusive technologies and accessible content[Full Paper]O Connor, J.

Accessibility Standards are not always enough: The development of the Accessibility Passport[Short Paper]Ball, S.

DAISY - Universally Designed? Prototyping an Approach to Measuring Universal Design[Full Paper]Nes, M. E.

Track III

Time Slot A: 11:00 - 13:00

STS: Portable and Mobile Systems in Assistive Technology (Chairs: Roberto Manduchi, US; James Coughlan, US)

Portable and Mobile Systems in Assistive Technology - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Manduchi, R.

A Survey on the Use of Mobile Phones by Visually Impaired Persons in Japan[Short Paper]Watanabe, T.

Mobility Impaired Pedestrians are not Cars: Requirements for the Annotation of Geographical Data[Full Paper]Völkel, T.

People Helping Computers Helping People: Navigation For People With Mobility Problems By Sharing Accessibility Annotations[Full Paper]Holone, H.

Inclusion of accessibility requirements in the design of electronic guides for museums[Full Paper]Moreno, L.

ODILIA - A Mobility Concept for the Visually Impaired[Full Paper]Mayerhofer, B.

Cellphone Accessible Information via Bluetooth Beaconing for the Visually Impaired[Full Paper]Bohonos, S.

Time Slot B: 14:00 - 16:00

[CONTINUED] STS: Portable and Mobile Systems in Assistive Technology

Crosswatch: A Camera Phone System for Orienting Visually Impaired Pedestrians at Traffic Intersections[Full Paper]Ivanchenko, V.

Personal Mobile Assistant for Air Passengers with Disabilities (PMA)[Full Paper]Darvishy, A.

Search Strategies of Visually Impaired Persons using a Camera Phone Wayfinding System[Full Paper]Manduchi, R.

The design for a haptic direction indicator for visually impaired people in emergency situations[Short Paper]Amemiya, T.

A New Cell Phone Remote Control for People with Visual Impairment [Full Paper]Yoshida, R.

People with Disabilities: Mobility and Care (Chair: Roland Wagner, AT)

BMI based RHC Method for Wheelchair[Full Paper]Kawabe, T.

Modeling a Hands-Free Controlled Power Wheelchair[Full Paper]Silva, L. C. D. A.

Time Slot C: 16:30 - 18:30

[CONTINUED] People with Disabilities: Mobility and Care

Brake Control Assist on a Four-Castered Walker for old People[Full Paper]Hirotomi, T.

Development of a Sit-to-Stand Assistance System[Full Paper]Takahashi, Y.

OLDES: Designing a Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use e-Care System together with the Stakeholders[Full Paper]Ponsard, C.

The risk factor in the adaptation of worksites in ICT-related jobs[Full Paper]Andrich, R.

Development of a wearable measurement system to identify characteristics in human gait - eSHOE[Short Paper]Jagos, H.

Experiences using Mobile Phones as Patient - Terminale for Telemedical Home Care and Therapy Monitoring of Patients Suering from Chronic Diseases[Full Paper]Pinsker, M.

MOVEMENT -  A Modular and Versatile Mobility Enhancement System[Full Paper]Kronreif, G.

Track IV

Time Slot A: 11:00 - 13:00

STS: Hearing Impaired, Deaf and DeafBlind People: HCI and Communication (Chair: Hans-Heinrich Bothe, DK)

Human Computer Interaction and Communication Aids for Hearing-Impaired, Deaf and Deaf-Blind People - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Bothe, H.-H.

EnACT: A software tool for creating animated text captions[Full Paper]Vy, Q.

Captioning Multiple Speakers using Speech Recognition to Assist Disabled People[Full Paper]Wald, M.

Extracting Pointing Object with Demonstrative Speech Phrase for Remote Transcription in Lecture [Full Paper]Takeuchi, Y.

A Study on Demonstrative Words Eextraction in Instructor utterace on Communications Support for Hearing Impaired Persons[Full Paper]Takeuchi, Y.

Development of the Web Type DVD Viewer Synchronized with Multilingual Captions for Existing DVD[Full Paper]Okura, T.

Application System of the Universal Sign Code -– Development of the Portable Sign Presenter –[Short Paper]Kimura, T.

Time Slot B: 14:00 - 16:00

[CONTINUED] STS: Hearing Impaired, Deaf and DeafBlind People: HCI and Communication

Support Technique for Real-Time Captionist to use Speech Recognition Software[Short Paper]Miyoshi, S.

New Real-Time Closed-Captioning System for Japanese Broadcast News Programs[Short Paper]Homma, S.

eRehabilitation: A portal framework for aural rehabilitation[Full Paper]Denev, D.

Multimedia Interfaces for BSL Using Lip Readers[Full Paper]Joumun, F.

A system to make signs using collaborative approach[Full Paper]Jemni, M.

Body-Braille System for Disabled People[Short Paper]Ohtsuka, S.

Dialog Support for the Deafblind Persons by Conveying Backchannels through Vibration[Short Paper]Nambu, M.

Time Slot C: 16:30 - 18:30

STS: People with Specific Learning Difficulties - Easy to Read and HCI (Chairs: Andrea Petz, AT; Bror Ingemar Tronbacke, SE)

People with Specific Learning Difficulties: Easy to Read and HCI - Introduction to the Special Thematic Session[Presentation]Petz, A.

CANCELLED: Using Expert System to assist Mouse Proficiency Assessment[Full Paper]Yeh, C.-C.

Information Center on Accessible Information[Short Paper]Matausch, K.

Cognitive abilities of functional illiterate Persons relevant to ICT use[Full Paper]Cremers, A.

User-centered design with illiterates: the case of the ATM user interface[Full Paper]Cremers, A.

Analysis and adaptation of workplaces for people with cognitive disabilities using software tools[Full Paper]Ferreras, A.

ICCHP is a series of biannual scientific conferences in the field of ICT/AT for people with disabilities run in co-operation with the Johannes Kepler University, Linz and the Austrian Computer Society

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